Questions About Sea Freight Cost and Duration Answered by a Customs Broker that Operates in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia

When you import goods via sea freight for the first time, the process can be confusing. There are so many factors to consider: regulations to adhere to, the red tape of customs clearance, and ensuring that your cargo arrives on time and doesn’t cost more than you estimated. Two questions that customers often ask us at Customs Broker ASAP are how much it costs to ship cargo, and how long it will take to import via sea freight.

How Long Will It Take Until I Receive My Cargo?

Several factors influence the length of shipping time of your cargo. The country of origin and the destination port you choose will affect the number of weeks your goods are in transit, while the nature of the cargo, size of the container load, and customs clearance rules will influence handling time in the harbour. Hiring a sea freight customs broker in Melbourne or another port will ensure that your shipment isn’t delayed during the customs process and that your cargo reaches you as soon as possible.

How is the Shipping Rate of Sea Freight Determined?

Supply and demand play a role in shipping rates. During certain times of the year, when demand for container space is high, the cost of sea freight is at a premium, and you can expect to pay more. Peak season is from July to October when retailers order their stock in time for the holiday shopping season. Another holiday that impacts on the demand for shipping containers is the Chinese New Year, which falls on a different date in January or February every year. Many factories in Asia cease production for two weeks or longer to celebrate, and in the weeks before the holiday cargo rates increase.

Just like the cost of petrol for your car, shipping rates increase or decrease according to the price of oil. Sea-going vessels are powered by oil called bunker fuel; this cost is reflected on your invoice as the bunker adjustment factor (BAF).

Shipping rates change continuously, and if you don’t plan carefully, cargo that arrives by sea freight can end up costing more than you thought. A freight customs broker in Sydney and other parts of Australia can help you to plan and budget to make sure that you pay as little as possible to ship your cargo.

Benefits of Hiring Sea Freight Customs Broker ASAP in Australia

If you are new to importing goods via sea freight, you might wonder whether you need a customs broker. Customs Broker ASAP is a reliable and competitively priced sea freight customs broker in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney which you can trust to handle the shipping process and customs clearance of cargo on your behalf so that you can save money and avoid delays.

Whether you are looking for cartage and transport, freight forwarding or quarantine clearances, if you need a sea freight customs broker in Australia, contact Customs Brokers ASAP. We’ve been helping Australians to import and export their shipments for more than 30 years and can handle any size cargo from shipping containers to parcels.

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