Know the ABC of Goods Transport – Priority and Quarantine Airport Clearance, International Property Transfer

Customs Brokers ASAP is a full-service custom broker for all of Australia, and we’re dedicated to simplifying the importing and exporting process for you. We have decades of experience in the industry and will put that to use for you. There are several considerations that we’ll handle for you when you’re conducting goods transport with your international suppliers.

Customs Brokers ASAP Makes International Property Transfer Easy

Customs clearance is one of the significant hurdles for first-time importers and exporters. When dealing with the paperwork and clearances that need to be completed, it’s very easy to miss a simple mistake that can delay the whole process by days, weeks, or even months. Freight that becomes stuck in customs makes you no money, tie up your capital in unusable product, and can even anger your customers if the cargo is required to fulfill outstanding orders.

Instead of taking the risk of winging it and missing those details yourself, we offer a consultation service based on our experience. We know the ins and outs of importation into and exportation out of Australia, so we’ll get the right permits for your international property transfer. For quarantine clearance, we’ll first examine the documentation you provided during the consultation. If there is anything that falls under requiring this clearance, it is essential that you have a quarantine permit. Knowing this at the outset will save time and money.

We’ll also review to see if you’re eligible for a tariff concession that could save you money if any free trade agreements affect your shipment, as well as any pre-treatment conditions that your cargo will need. For airborne shipments, acquiring the proper airport clearance is another key step for timely shipments. Finally, for those highly important and time-sensitive shipments, we’ll work with you to arrange priority clearance, so nothing goes to waste for want of a signature or notation.

Get Moving with Customs Brokers ASAP

As a customs broker and freight forwarding company with decades of experience, we’ve come to have a firm and holistic understanding of the import and export process. We work with everything from local transport to international air transit, and we respect the importance of every piece of freight under our care.

Our team is happy to provide you with the benefits of this experience and ensure that you have a helpful and positive interaction. We’ll take you from initial inquiry to final shipment and reception by running through a comprehensive list of the different documents and questions that we’ll need. Taking the time to review these with you step by step is the key to saving days and weeks later.

We understand that you have other considerations, and running your business takes priority over following an individual shipment. That’s why Customs Brokers ASAP will maintain that attention for you and work to bring your cargo where it needs to be, ASAP. With us, you can safely treat your freight as “out of sight, out of mind”, as you can contract with us and the next time you think about the freight, it’ll be where you need it when you need it. Submit your initial enquiry today.

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