Need Broker Help? Leap the Hurdle with Customs Brokers ASAP: Brokerage Agent for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia

Importing goods is a cost-intensive, time-intensive, often-frustrating experience both for the manufacturer and the customer. If you’re expecting to receive a large delivery by sea or air, a good customs broker in Australia is necessary to wrangle the mess. As a business, you and your staff simply don’t have the time to deal with all the arrangements and paperwork while still working to keep the lights on at home.

Customs Brokers ASAP makes the whole process easier. We distinctly indicate what documents we’ll need from you about the shipment, confirm your payment of the overseas freight or Australian destination charges, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Minimise the Hassle with a Customs Brokerage Agent

We have over 30 years of experience as a customs brokerage agent. That experience gives us a firm understanding of how to work within the system to get your shipment where it needs to go. Our distribution system also ensures that your purchase reaches you safely. As a customs broker for Brisbane, we’ll ship it from the receiving facility directly to the address you need.

It can get more straightforward than that, too. For shipments that require breaking down and parsing to get the right parts to the right places, we also offer freight forwarding services. For this, we can just as easily perform the work as a customs broker in Sydney and then forward the correct freight to its final domestic destination, even if you have multiple receiving points.

Here is a brief list of our primary services.

  • Sea Freight
    • Break Bulk Cargo – Following your specifications, we’ll break down the bulk cargo into smaller, manageable shipments for final domestic reception
    • FCL – Full container cargo movement; from the port of entry to your destination
    • LCL – Less than a container load; from the port of entry to your destination
    • FCX – Multiple suppliers, one importer; which we will condense or arrange into the correct shipments to deliver to your destination
    • Door-to-Door – Direct delivery to your destination
  • Air Freight
    • AirFreight – Receiving bulk shipments via air service
    • Door-to-Door – Direct delivery to your destination
    • Dangerous Goods – Proper handling of potentially hazardous materials
    • Courier Options – For small parcel delivery

Start the Process with Customs Brokers ASAP

Once you’ve identified your need for an importer, choose Customs Brokers ASAP. We are an experienced customs broker for Melbourne and every port of entry into Australia. We’ll put our 30 years of experience at your service and simplify the entire importation process.

We’ll review your entire shipment with you to alert you of any potential customs complications and determine any bulk break services that are required. We commit to providing you with the best shipment costs for your cargo, and for those clients whose business demands a lot of importing, we offer wholesale pricing to keep the expenses lower.

Contact us today to get started with a quote online. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time importing, see why Customs Brokers ASAP is the go-to choice for customs brokerage and importation.

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